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26.4.2024-Opportunity Circular Economy

Join our dynamic session to dive into the circular economy—a game-changing strategy for reducing waste and enhancing resource efficiency. Uncover the vast potential of sustainable economic growth and environmental protection through academic insights, financial implications, and innovative business practices. Ideal for young scholars, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and students keen on sustainability, this workshop is your gateway to mastering the circular economy. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding, explore funding avenues, and embark on entrepreneurial ventures in sustainability. Register now to transform knowledge into action!


Circular Economy Speaker

27.4.2024-Impact Innovation Forum@Chef Treff

Discover your pathway to professional success and societal impact at the Impact Forum on the Summit's Impact Stage! This exceptional platform connects ambitious students and early-career professionals from Germany and Europe with the vision to tackle pressing challenges such as the climate crisis. Be inspired by leaders from academia, finance, and entrepreneurship, and join a community determined to make a difference. If you're keen on crafting a career that not only excels but also positively influences our world, the Impact Forum is where you begin. Ready to change the world through your career? Join us now and be the change! 


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