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DR. Fabian Heilemann

Founder & CEO of AENU

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Fabian Heilemann is an accomplished entrepreneur, experienced venture capitalist, and dedicated impact activist. With a background in law and a passion for technology, he has successfully founded and co-founded multiple companies, including DailyDeal and Forto and was a long-time Partner at the Tech-VC Earlybird. As the Founder and CEO of AENU, an evergreen impact tech fund, he aims to drive systemic change in the VC ecosystem towards impact, accessibility, and stakeholder alignment. Fabian's expertise lies in investing in early-stage climate-tech and social impact companies, with an impressive track record of successful investments and portfolio scaling. He is also actively involved in initiatives like Leaders for Climate Action and Founders Pledge, advocating for positive change and sustainability in our society.


Philipp Schröder

CEO and co-Founder of 1KOMMA5° 

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Philipp Schröder is an accomplished executive with a strong background in driving growth and innovation in fast-growing tech companies. As the CEO and Co-Founder of 1Komma5Grad, he leads the organization in its mission to accelerate the adoption of CO2-neutral practices and promote sustainable living. Philipp's expertise lies in the energy sector, where he has successfully developed and implemented strategies to advance clean and affordable energy solutions as Managing Director at Sonnen and Country Director Germany at Tesla. With a track record of building successful digital platforms and fostering strategic partnerships, he is recognized for his visionary leadership in addressing climate change challenges.

Larissa Skarke

Investment Manager at World fund

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Larissa Skarke is a Climate Tech Investor at World Fund, specializing in sustainable investments. With experience at KKR & Co. Inc. and McKinsey & Company, she brings a wealth of expertise in global impact and private equity. Larissa holds a law degree from Bucerius Law School and a Masters in Finance from London Business School. She is dedicated to drive positive change in the climate tech space and actively participates in industry events sharing her insights on climate startups and emerging technologies. 


Caspar Ziegner

CEO & Founder Novocarbo

Caspar Ziegner is the Founder and CEO of Novocarbo, a company dedicated to driving innovative technologies for climate neutrality and profitability across industries. With a focus on the value chain and sustainability, Caspar aims to help traditional industries transition toward a more sustainable future while supporting economic growth. Through Novocarbo, Caspar promotes the coexistence of economic efficiency and ecological protection, leveraging new technologies to bring them together like never before. With expertise in biochar and carbon-negative solutions, Caspar invites companies to join him in the pursuit of a path beyond climate neutrality.

Tobias Seikel

Partner and Co-Founder of Planet A Ventures

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Tobias Seikel is a senior investment professional with expertise in Venture Capital and startup development. As Co-founder and General Partner at Planet A, he plays a vital role in addressing climate change and other pressing environmental issues. Prior to his current position, Tobias served as the Managing Partner at Hanse Ventures, overseeing operational management, business development, and project management for portfolio firms. Beyond his work at Planet A, Tobias actively mentors startups, lectures at universities, and acts as a business angel. With a strong educational background and fluency in multiple languages, he brings a diverse skill set and a global perspective to sustainable investment and entrepreneurship.


Friedrich von Schönfeld

Policy Advisor BMWK

Friedrich von Schönfeld is a seasoned policy advisor and project manager with extensive experience in driving sustainability and decarbonization initiatives. Currently working at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Friedrich focuses on industrial policy and the decarbonization of industries. Previously, he played a vital role at the Federal Ministry of Finance, contributing to financial market policy and the modernization of regulatory frameworks. With a background in law and a doctorate from the University of Oxford as well as Experience as a management consultant at McKinsey, Friedrich brings a unique perspective to his work, combining legal expertise with strategic thinking. His diverse experience and expertise make him a valuable asset in the pursuit of sustainable and climate-friendly policies.

Julius Palm

Deputy Managing Director Followfood

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Julius Palm, responsible for Strategy and Brand as well as Deputy Managing Director of followfood. "What we eat changes the world" - Founded in 2007, followfood is committed to transparency in the food industry and aims to revolutionize it by setting new standards. Julius plays a crucial role in shaping the company's strategy and brand, driving the mission of followfood forward. With a passion for sustainable and ethical food production, followfood is aiming to save the climate, soils, and oceans with its products and is promoting a more conscious approach to food consumption. Their commitment to transparency have earned followfood a reputation as a leading player in the sustainable food movement.


Boris Wasmuth


Leaders for Climate Action

Boris Wasmuth is co-founder of Leaders for Climate Action, a non profit that encourages  businesses to take the lead in taking ambitious action towards climate change, inspiring boldness from civil society and government. He grew up in Cologne and Los Angeles where he surfed the waves of the Pacific Ocean when the Internet boom was still far on the horizon. Back in Europe he founded in 1999, one of Europe's leading consumer sites. Up for new challenges he started GameDuell as founding partner in 2003 to grow it into one of the most popular online games websites. Prior to his web enterprises he did international marketing for BMW, Henkel and Bertelsmann. Boris graduated honors from the University of Cologne with a Master in Business Administration and is a graduate of the American Management Seminars. Boris is also member of the supervisory board at Berlin-Brandenburg and an active business angel.

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